Multi Function

Building the right thing at the right time and in the right way is not easy. That is exactly why we built the engine the way we did. Technology is ever-changing and therefore we want to be able to exchange solutions at any time. GritGene consists of a fully scalable rendering pipeline,

with a strong innovative state-of-the-art UI Framework and a scalable render core that is built modular from scratch. With this, GritGene is ready to support different areas such as film and animation, smart city, simulations, architecture visualization, commercials and more.


GritGene is running fully on Vulkan; allowing itself to have a better workload balance between CPU and GPU. Furthermore, it allows GritGene to offer support for the latest graphics features and raytracing.



GritWorld proudly wants to be up front when it comes to pushing technology. Therefore, there has been zero doubt that GritGene needs to support Raytracing. Currently it supports Global Illumination, Ambient Occlusion, Shadows, Reflections and Refraction on dynamic lighting and geometry.

Order Independent Transparency


In order to let artists and film makers render complex transparent geometry with many layers, GritGene supports Order Independent Transparency (OIT).



No edges, no flickering and in high performance. With multi-sample and specular anti-aliasing, GritGene enables its users to render CGI quality images.

Subsurface Scattering


GritGene uses sophisticated lighting computations simulating subsurface scattering to visualize materials such as skin or marble.



Dynamic real time refractions, even for rough surfaces, are supported very well by GritGene‘s modern RTX implementation.

Film Camera

Simulating a real-world camera, GritGene supports a variety of post-processing effects such as Depth of Field, Bloom, Grain, Vignetting and Color Grading.