Dr. Wu attends the World Artificial Intelligence Conference

The 2020 World Artificial Intelligence Conference(WAIC) was successfully held from July 9th to July 11th in Shanghai.

The most influential scholars and entrepreneurs in the Artificial Intelligence industry gathered in different forums to discuss AI technology and its innovative development trend of globalization.

The founder of GritWorld, Dr.Wu was also invited to attend the WAIC live studio event on July 11th and spoke about the integration of computer graphics and AI.

Dr. Wu ( right ) talks about the human-machine interaction in the area of computer graphic 

The fusion of graphics and AI becoming a trend

As we all know, computer graphics is like an “invisible worker” in people’s lives, hidden behind film and games, bringing stunning experiences of special effects to users. Nowadays, technology comes out from behind the scenes to the public.

Dr. Wu explained that the fusion of computer graphics and AI technology has been initially applied in many fields; beyond the game and film production industries, smart city and even artistic creations are widely utilized.

The integration of computer graphics and AI applied in Smart City and Art

AI brings new opportunities for the development of computer graphics

With the upgrading of various types of hardware, the way of human-computer interaction has gradually changed. Huawei is currently working on mobile AR application and development. Futural AR digital content will have greater demand and higher precision requirements. Phone users would change from consumers to content creators and get involved in the creation of digital content.

At the same time, it challenges the research and development of computer graphics to bring a tool to the market, which fits the rapid generation of digital content and reduces the difficulties for non-professional users.

AR effect in Huawei Project: 3D virtual digital earth

Since 2015, Dr. Wu led his team to independently develop the real-time rendering engine GritGene and its goal goes beyond providing Technical support for real-time rendering. We want to create a simple and easy-to-use standardized tool to serve everyday use.

Demo: operating the WAIC logo in real-time rendering engine GritGene

During the interview, Dr. Wu shared the current AI automatic skinned mesh technology and the establishment of 3D graphics through 2D sketches.

RigNet,AI automatic skinned mesh(ZhanXu etc.,SIGGRAPH, 2020)
BendSketch,3D sketches(Changjian Li etc.,SIGGRAPH, 2017)

AI brings the 3D digital experience

Dr. Wu predicted that 2023 would be the first year of the 3D digital experience. In 2023, 5G technology should make a breakthrough that could actively promote the upgrade of AR 3D glasses. Moreover, portable AR devices that are light enough will gradually replace the mobile phone and people will live in a three-dimensional digital world. Additionally, all kinds of apps will also provide users with a three-dimensional form. There is no doubt that computer graphics technology can provide realistic scenes in human-computer interaction. With the integration of AI and computer graphics, the visual transformation of the real world and the creation of the virtual world need to rely on a robust digital engine. The seamless connection of the digital world will also bring subversive changes to the interaction between humans and machines, and the three-dimensional digital experience.