Real Time, All the Time

In GritGene, GritWorld has developed a real-time digital engine, whose target is to go beyond film and animation. Whether a digital set is static, dynamic or interactive, GritGene decides the proper rendering techniques for you, so that the artist can fully focus on their creative work without worring about which renders to use.

Now we can finally show you a few projects that were developed both in-house and by several independent studios. These projects were set up in order to verify and showcase the engine features and serve as a pilot for large scale productions. Stand by for the revealing of future projects!

Ancient Ruins

In August 2019 GritGene passed its first official milestone.

A milestone that was called Alpha. The passion to achieve this milestone spread in the office and it infected the internal art team with an eagerness to show something great. Driven by a mixed passion of technology and art, they proposed creative art with a narrative. In the Ruins Scene, ancient and futuristic elements meet and are rendered in real-time with GritWorld’s next-gen digital engine GritGene; with its powerful features such as Global Illumination, Raytracing, Subsurface Scattering, Order Independent Transparency and Cinematic Anti-Aliasing.

Cyberpunk City

Cyberpunk City was the first large scene that was designed and produced at GritWorld. Its initial purpose was to create a scene big enough to drive the development of the engine.

Shortly after gathering a large collection of references and mood boards, we agreed that we wanted to have a slightly darker scene with the focus on the Forward+ renderer, the moving light sources, PBR and global illumination. Additionally, we aimed to have a scene with a large scale, so that we could keep an eye on the performance of the engine as well.

The scene fulfilled its actual purpose and is now a standard scene we use to test GritGene’s capability of dealing with a large dataset.

Chinese Temple

After achieving a major internal milestone in December 2018, the engine was under review and the Cyberpunk City scene had fulfilled its purpose. In order to make another bigger step, it was required to either push the asset quality of the existing scene or to start something new. With a list of new features such as Volumetric Fog, Depth of Field, Motion Blur and Terrain System on the roadmap, we have decided to go for something new.

Inspired by Chinese culture, our team decided to make a modern Tech Demo based on a Chinese garden and temple. With GritWorld’s A+ investment round in 2019, the production and delivery of the scene couldn’t have had better timing.