GritWorld launched a new Logo!


We are excited to announce GritWorld is rebranding with a new Logo! 

As a leading company providing Next-Gen rendering architecture, we always keep pushing boundaries, embracing innovation and anticipating new technologies. For years, we have been looking for a logo that can represent our values: power, inner core, and creation.

This new logo starts with the form of the letter G, clearly standing for our company name. In its entirety, the logo looks like a diamond which reminds people of Superman and his symbolism: strength, bravery, as well as helpfulness. Moreover, with strong edges and corners, the playful spiral line which extends inwards signifies that the power is gradually gathering into the inner center.

Color is an essential element that defines a brand image. To maintain the balance between a dignified and lively style, we choose the classic combination of pure blue and white as the main colors of our new logo. The color blue signifies positivity and is associated with depth, trust and intelligence, which matches Gritworld’s product offerings. When viewed from a distance, you might perceive the Logo as a cloud in the sky!

We hope you like our new look and the refreshed feel of GritWorld.