GritGene Showcase Videos


We are glad to share two showcase videos with you which are rendered by the real-time engine GritGene.

GhostBlade is one of the most popular graphic novels in China with millions of fans and readers.

In Noraland, in order to show the highest respect for the goddess Nora, pious humans built a magnificent tower. Goddess Nora was moved by people’s piety and opened a door to another world—the eye of heaven at the top of the tower. Then the full story of GhostBlade just happened.

Currently, GritWorld is working with Sparkly Key Studio to take the story from 2D stills to 3D animation. From the modelling to rigging, skinning to rendering; all of the procedures are going to be completed in GritGene, which is being developed by GritWorld.

Below is the screen recording of the operation in GritGene. Our artist is adjusting the roughness and emissive intensity of the metal decoration on a cylinder.

The ruins scene was designed by our internal art team who wanted to showcase the features in Gritgene by mixing technology and art with a creative backstory. The scene takes the viewer through a lot of different concepts starting with a dark atmosphere and then transcending into something more magical and beautiful. Using ancient and futuristic elements and rendering them in real-time with our next-gen digital engine Gritgene, dynamic features such as Global Illumination, Raytracing, Subsurface Scattering, Order Independent Transparency and Cinematic Anti-Aliasing are showcased.