GritWorld launched a new Logo!

We are excited to announce GritWorld is rebranding with a new Logo! 

As a leading company providing Next-Gen rendering architecture, we always keep pushing boundaries, embracing innovation and anticipating new technologies. For years, we have been looking for a logo that can represent our values: power, inner core, and creation.

This new logo starts with the form of the letter G, clearly standing for our company name. In its entirety, the logo looks like a diamond which reminds people of Superman and his symbolism: strength, bravery, as well as helpfulness. Moreover, with strong edges and corners, the playful spiral line which extends inwards signifies that the power is gradually gathering into the inner center.

Color is an essential element that defines a brand image. To maintain the balance between a dignified and lively style, we choose the classic combination of pure blue and white as the main colors of our new logo. The color blue signifies positivity and is associated with depth, trust and intelligence, which matches Gritworld’s product offerings. When viewed from a distance, you might perceive the Logo as a cloud in the sky!

We hope you like our new look and the refreshed feel of GritWorld.

GritWorld achieves 3rd-place in “Straight to Wuzhen” Global Internet Competition

We are celebrating! GritWorld reached third place in the Straight to Wuzhen competition at the World Internet Conference (WIC)!

Straight to Wuzhen is a global competition from which the semi-finals and the finals took place at the World Internet Conference. With preliminary rounds in Hong Kong, Israel, Germany and the United States there were more than 400 teams introducing astonishing projects and products involving Big Data, the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Manufacturing. The competition grand finale and award ceremony were held during the 6th WIC; serving also as an important platform for attracting domestic and foreign projects, technologies, talents and capital in the Internet industry.

For GritWorld it was the first time on a big stage. We presented how our technology is applied in animation, interactive film and television and also in Smart City projects. On top of that we presented the challenges with 5G cloud technologies and the solution that we are offering with a real-time engine and the digital content creation platform that we are building. With the highly respected jury panel and committee, we are beyond satisfied that we got through the semi-finals and emerged third place overall!

GritWorld meets Filmakademie Ludwigsburg

Last week, the students of Animationsinstitut ( ) at Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg had their first look at the film tools designed by GritWorld. With the “GritVis” toolset, the students will be able to speed up their production and improve the final rendering quality. After our presentation, the open discussion with our developers and the students went into great detail and emphasized where the real benefits can be found. Everyone was excited and agreed to continue the cooperation – it was clear that some of their following projects will make great use of our powerful animation & film package.

If you want to learn more about GritVis and how it can benefit your film production, please contact us at [email protected] .

36Kr | Providing the core driving force for the digitalization of the physical world, “GritWorld” receives linear capital of tens of millions of A financing

What kind of chemical reaction will there be when real-time graphic vision technology in games, crosses the border into the industry?

Recently, “Grit World” announced the completion of tens of millions of round-A financing, linear capital led investment, the door to venture capital and investment. This round of financing is planned for technology research and development and market expansion. At present, Grit Technology has accumulated a number of customers including Sparkly Key Animation Studio, Fuxi Film and Television, Dayang, and Dynamic Attractions. It is expected to have a revenue of over 10 million yuan this year.

Smart City and Industry 4.0 are the scientific and technological topics often mentioned in the technology and industry circles in recent years. Behind these concepts, the collection, processing and display of physical data are inseparable. GritWorld hopes to help data acquisition, visualization and interaction in Smart Cities, industrial production and film and television animation through their self-developed real-time graphic vision technology.

Render Smart City in real time

The concept of a Smart City is very large, and if we want to make the city smarter, it is necessary to have support of the underlying technologies such as the Internet and cloud computing. Assuming that these infrastructures have been built, people find that they lack a visual platform to monitor urban changes in real time. Urban visualization is different from data visualization. It not only collects information data of infrastructure, but also collects physical environment data such as urban buildings and roads. For the current computing power, it is technically difficult to move the entire city to the digital world for real-time CG-level rendering and interaction.

Based on the years of accumulation of real-time graphical vision technology, the GritWorld team proposes a solution that can be coarse and fine:

  • Modeling based on the aggregated material library and the AI-based modeling team, the model is automatically generated to achieve 100-kilometre building generation;
  • Rendering real-time output based on user parallax to change the city rendering accuracy to 6K resolution;
  • In terms of data visualization, it also presents city-level data such as real-time sensors, city sensors and video surveillance, and maintains a smooth and gamified experience in real time.

Based on the above technical solutions, GritWorld has recently cooperated with companies such as Shadow Data and Jinke Property Co. Ltd, to realize Smart City solutions for urban security, public security and transportation. And with the Guangdong Big Data, Vtron Group Co and Supcon Group Co.Ltd, signed a strategic agreement, the future Smart City market size will reach 500 billion yuan.

High quality animation film production

High-quality and real-time game video technology is the goal pursued in the digital entertainment field in recent years. High quality will inevitably lead to increased costs and reduced efficiency. Instead, the GritWorld team developed the Gritvis for Cinema platform based on 10 years of cross-disciplinary R&D and technology accumulation, using real-time graphics rendering technology. Changing the production method of digital works and achieving more than 500 times the rendering efficiency, shortening the production cycle from the original 2 months to 2 weeks, while having the efficiency of game technology, but also the quality of film and television works.

High-quality and real-time game video technology is the goal pursued in the digital entertainment field in recent years. High quality will inevitably lead to increased costs and reduced efficiency. Instead, the GritWorld team developed the Gritvis for Cinema platform based on 10 years of cross-disciplinary R&D and technology accumulation, using real-time graphics rendering technology. Changing the production method of digital works and achieving more than 500 times the rendering efficiency, shortening the production cycle from the original 2 months to 2 weeks, while having the efficiency of game technology, but also the quality of film and television works.

It is understood that seven works of the three film and television leading companies have been made using the technology of the GritWorld. And with Canada’s Dynamic Attraction strategic cooperation in Xi’an landing the first real-time 8K film and television output project, the future market size of film and television animation will reach 150 billion yuan.

Second-generation human-computer interaction engine

Grit World is also developing the next-generation AR-Ready architecture platform GritGene: WYSIWYG real-time film-level rendering; real-time large-scale scene interaction; integrated real-time visual scanning, reconstruction and convenient editing tools; cloud GPU cluster support and supporting c/s rendering; convenient portability to wearable devices; strong scale potential (from the professional production of film and television drama to the daily application of ordinary users).

Regarding the future, Dr. Wu said: “GritWorld can be regarded as a company using real-time graphics and visual technology as a base and through film and television animation and Smart City business as a pre-commercial breakthrough point. The real-time graphic vision technology developed will be continuously commercialized, and the experience will be supplemented into products and technologies to form technical barriers and commercial closed loops. It is hoped that the next generation of intelligent hardware will provide core power when it matures.”

Grit Technology is headquartered in Frankfurt and has branches in Guangzhou and Shanghai, China. Founder Dr. Wu Xiaomao worked as project director and technical director at Crytek, a German gaming technology and production company. He founded the Cinebox team at Crytek and, in collaboration with a number of leading Hollywood studios, promoted the game’s real-time graphics technology to the film industry. In 2012, Cinebox became one of the departments within the company to become technically competitive and commercially valuable. The core technical team members are from 12 countries and regions, and are the elites in the field of game engine technology, real-time film and television special effects technology, and VR.

GritWorld will attend the Smart Country Convention in Berlin, from November 20th to 22nd. We will showcase our current projects for Smart City and we will be delighted to see you there!

GritWorld presents its outstanding SmartCity platform solution to an international audience at the Smart Country Convention in Berlin. We’re looking to expanding our business to European cities, supporting the need for future proof solutions of Big Data visualizations.

Every city has started collecting massive amounts of data to improve their understanding and management. With our real-time visualization platform, we provide one application to control all Smart City projects, from one centralized entry point.

To learn more meet us at the Smart Country Convention or contact us at: [email protected]

Smart Country Convention:

Exclusive interview: Founder of GritWorld Xiaomao Wu: A Glimpse into the Future Virtual Digital World

“Oasis”, a digital utopia that will be everyone’s safe haven eventually, may be created by Dr. Xiaomao Wu’s GritWorld. From interaction between human and AI, to the digital world edited by better and more powerful engines, if you look at it in 10, 20 or even 50 years, you won’t know what kind of new creation it will breed.

After watching “Ready Player One”, Dr. Wu might be the person who is closest to the creator of “Oasis” (James Donovan Halliday and Ogden Morrow) that I have ever known.

You see, many people are excited about thrilling and stimulating game plots and mechanisms, as well as unexpected adventures. However, there must be someone who must start from the basic 1 + 1 and lay the foundation, such as the future “USS Enterprise in StarTrek”, getting lost romantically in interstellar space might originate from Elon Musk’s “Falcon Heavy” rocket; the intelligence that has swept the world might originate from the toddler’s AI image recognition and unmanned vehicles (well, this is not a proper example), but “Oasis”, a digital utopia that will be everyone’s safe haven eventually, may be created by Dr. Xiaomao Wu’s GritWorld. From interaction between human and AI, to the digital world edited by better and more powerful engines, if you look at it in 10, 20 or even 50 years, you won’t know what kind of new creation it will breed.

Therefore, with much curiosity, we interviewed Dr. Wu after the “Future Congress” hosted by ZaoJiuTalk. The following is the interview:

The Video Interview with Dr. Xiaomao Wu:

AVGChannel: Could you please introduce yourself and what kind of work/business are you doing?

Dr. Wu: Hello everyone, I’m Xiaomao Wu, Founder of GritWorld. I have always been working on game technology and together with Hollywood, promoted the new technology of using games technology to make movies. I am now leading my team using both games and films together to work on human and computer interaction technology and some aspects of landing work.

AVGChannel: During your work in Crytek, what was the biggest gain? What kind of impact does it bring to your later work?

Dr. Wu: When I was at Crytek, I had the chance to work with the world’s top game engineers and they gave me a lot of inspiration. At the same time, because of the quality of our games and also our pictures were at their best, that’s why Hollywood thought of using game technology to make movies. So I have been working in this field for eight or nine years and I think the working experience at Crytek has helped me a lot.

AVGChannel: Do you think that the engine will replace CG in the future as the mainstream of making effects of future film and television? Why?

Dr. Wu: Certainly! In the future, film and television will be edited in real time like games, the light can be adjusted on set. Most of the film could be edited heavily on the spot. This is an irreversible trend.

AVGChannel: In your work so far, what do you think is the hardest part besides technology? And how did you overcome it?

Dr. Wu: The hardest thing besides technology is when we are doing the cross-industry work. The experience is completely different in each field, its cognition (also different), so the most difficult thing to do is to break the perceived differences between industries. For example, in the case of games, it emphasizes real-time and there must be dynamic changes, it cannot be exactly the same; the film and television industry may require that every pixel which is determined must be 100% consistent, and you are not allowed to change it. So it is a totally different concept.

AVGChannel: Could you please give us a few examples of hard to solve problems which you have encountered in games or film and television?

Dr. Wu: Well, the first one is the concept. As I said earlier, the film industry has strict requirements for the certainty of each thing. For games it is the reverse, that is, it can’t be certain. Once you confirm it, it will not be fun. This is the first one.

Second, the material (difference) between us, for example, a face or a texture of a film can reach 3-4G, and for the whole game it is only 3-4G, which is another difference.

Third, games are generally quite focused. For example, a Studio, or two or three company studios work together, but the film is usually transnational (or) trans-continents, and is a form of large-scale cooperation.

AVGChannel: Could you please disclose some projects that will soon be presented to the public? And the biggest highlight?

Dr. Wu: Many of our projects are now NDA, so I can only reveal the cooperation between us and SparklyKey Technology. Today, Director Leping Shen is also on the scene. They are already using in their entire process, our Gritworld technology to make all their IPs. There are many that will soon to be announced.

Products of SparklyKey

AVGChannel: Everyone wants to know about your technology in urban scanning, could you talk more about it?

Dr. Wu: Urban scanning technology is currently focused on accurate mapping, but the immediate problem brought about by accurate mapping is that its cost has risen sharply. However, our users largely do not demand such precise modelling, the precise modelling is only needed in some places. So the way we solve this problem is, firstly we need mass production, try to control costs while ensuring mass production, and since we have the ability to innovate, when we find any difficult problems we will use technology to transform it. Hence, our large-scale projects all make use of technology to make production highly effective and greatly increase production, making it eventually possible. It was possible to do it before, but nobody dares to imagine doing it, because the cost is too high and the cycle is too long.

AVGChannel: Can you talk about your future combination of your current game engine technology and AR/VR technology? What ideas or visions do you have?

Dr. Wu: In fact, after the launch of VR, the game engine was recognized by everyone. The game engine is actually the core of the whole VR, AR and the whole human-computer interaction. The game technology must be an indispensable part to support the whole human-computer interaction, but this technology has no way to support film and television production well. We have changed the whole game technology after a few years to make it possible to make films, so we will find that it has huge differences, and the effort used is huge. If you let it transform human-computer interaction, you might spend ten or twenty years to do it, that is why we came up with the idea to build our own engine, so we do not need to consider these barriers, and the possibility of trying new technology is also higher.

Dr. Wu: GritWorld will make a breakthrough between the limits of AI and Human exchange

“The boundary between virtual and reality is gradually being eliminated by technology” – July 29, 2018, Dr. Wu, the founder of GritWorld is invited to participate in the themed event “Future Entertainment (MATCH)” hosted by ZaojiuTalk. Dr. Wu introduced the current disruptive film and television industry and the animation industry that is taking place and letting everyone experience the immersive future mobile phone revolution that subverts the eyes.

Background of Founder:

The world’s top scientist in computer graphics and computer animation field;

Senior Associate Editor of the American Computer Society (ACM) in “Entertainment Computer” Journal;

The industrial Chair of Springer’s soon published “Encyclopedia of Computer Graphics and Games”;

Received Professional Project Management (PMP) certification from the PMI American Project Management Association;

American Computer Society SIGGRAPH “Motion in Games”;

Member of the Virtual Graphics Conference (VRST) European Graphics Conference;

Industrial President of the European Graphics Conference.

The Arrival of Integration of Virtual and Reality

Ultimately entertainment and life will be inseparable, the virtual world will eventually dock with real life seamlessly.

As we know, the virtual world is developing through every field of technology and human potential development; it can be formed independently by the real world or communication with the real world. Humans can enter a new territory through a special new generation of equipment through a form of consciousness; the experiences are part of the virtual world but meanwhile they realize they are in the real world controlling the virtual world; it is also possible to integrate the virtual objects and mirror their interaction with the real environment. Eventually, the human body can intuitively visualize all the information by touch and sensing real objects; at this point, the integration of virtual and real world comes true.

GritWorld presented at Alibaba Computing Conference

GritWorld’s latest project collaborated with Alibaba Cloud was presented at Alibaba Computing Conference by GritWorld’s CEO Dr. Xiaomao Wu.

Dr. Wu’s talk titled “Digitizing the real world: The practice and challenges of large-scale city modeling” attracted crowded audience. GritWorld’s pipeline which is a combination of GritVis and GritRena tackled the challenges of large scale city modeling and simulation in a creative way.

More than 2000 cars, 1000+ building with traffic simulation, real-time updating information were simulated at 60 fps.

Check out some photos below: