GritGene Showcase Videos

We are glad to share two showcase videos with you which are rendered by the real-time engine GritGene.

GhostBlade is one of the most popular graphic novels in China with millions of fans and readers.

In Noraland, in order to show the highest respect for the goddess Nora, pious humans built a magnificent tower. Goddess Nora was moved by people’s piety and opened a door to another world—the eye of heaven at the top of the tower. Then the full story of GhostBlade just happened.

Currently, GritWorld is working with Sparkly Key Studio to take the story from 2D stills to 3D animation. From the modelling to rigging, skinning to rendering; all of the procedures are going to be completed in GritGene, which is being developed by GritWorld.

Below is the screen recording of the operation in GritGene. Our artist is adjusting the roughness and emissive intensity of the metal decoration on a cylinder.

The ruins scene was designed by our internal art team who wanted to showcase the features in Gritgene by mixing technology and art with a creative backstory. The scene takes the viewer through a lot of different concepts starting with a dark atmosphere and then transcending into something more magical and beautiful. Using ancient and futuristic elements and rendering them in real-time with our next-gen digital engine Gritgene, dynamic features such as Global Illumination, Raytracing, Subsurface Scattering, Order Independent Transparency and Cinematic Anti-Aliasing are showcased.

GritGene announced in China

On September 19, GritWorld successfully held an online product launch conference and officially released the company’s real-time 3D rendering engine GritGene.

The Ghostblade scene in the announcement

The announcement was simultaneously held on one of the most popular social media platforms alongside the WeChat “China Enterprise Video” platform. During the announcement, real-time traffic on Bilibili reached 99,000 hits, the “China Enterprise Video” platform reached peak traffic of 116,200 and the total number of viewers reached 215,000. As of 5 pm on the 21st, the number of views on the Weibo topic #GritGene Engine Online Announcement# reached 978,000!

Ruins scene rendered by GritGene

GritGene is a graphics rendering engine. After 3 years of research and development, the team led by Dr. Wu announced the engine for the first time and publicly recruited internal beta testing personnel. As a new digital engine, GritGene has great technical advantages particularly in the lighting system. It supports real-time ray tracing, dynamic lighting and global illumination. The effects can be modified in the engine providing real-time feedback. Also, the engine supports OIT (Order Independent Transparency), providing digital content creators with better real-time support for rendering transparent objects. More engine features can be found on the official website of GritGene.

With the rapid development of new infrastructure, the demand for digital content creation continues to increase. At present, attempts to use game engines for cross-border applications are not uncommon but cross-domain applications always face incompatibility problems. GritWorld seized the opportunity in the torrent of development, focusing on the development of its rendering engine, hoping to make products that are easy to operate with the highest quality. A real-time rendering engine with independent intellectual property rights not only adds a significant foundation to core rendering technology but it will also play an important role in promoting the creation of global digital content in the future. Professor Wang Chunshui, who is engaged in digital technology at Beijing Film Academy, said that the increasing application of real-time rendering technology in the film and television industry will also bring great changes to the film and television industry. Professor Wang Chunshui will lead his team to become the first users of the GritGene Beta version.

Rendering Ghostblade scene in GritGene

In addition to the release of GritGene’s self-developed graphics rendering engine, GritGene also announced for the first time the popular graphic novel IP project “Ghost Blade” in cooperation with Sparkly Key Animation Studio. GritWorld and Sparkly Key have cooperated for a long time. Shen Leping, the chairman of Sparkly Key, said that the use of real-time rendering in the film and television animation industry will become a trend in the future and Dr. Wu Xiaomao took the lead in seeing the development of this technology and is at the forefront of future development.

Closed Beta is now open for registration. Please register using this link. BETA

How does a Real-Time 3D Digital Smart City Platform work? Smart­City Institute: interview with GritWorld

With the rapid growth of urban population and economic development, many large cities face increasingly unexpected environmental, social and economic challenges. However, the emergence of smart city technology has brought people a new way of life and the market scale of smart cities is also growing globally. Since 2018, GritWorld has been continually working on smart city projects and gaining abundant experience.

At the end of July, the President of the SmartCity Institute in Germany, Prof. Dr. Chirine Etezadzadeh interviewed the Founder & CEO of GritWorld, Dr. Wu and Lead Technical Artist Ganesh Pingale in her program “Have a Tea with Dr. E”. During the interview, Prof. Dr. Chirine Etezadzadeh became interested in GritGene, the main product of GritWorld and wondered how GritWorld utilized it in smart city projects. With a showcase video, Dr. Wu presented the real-time 3D rendering engine GritGene, and explained that GritGene is currently independently developed; On one hand, GritGene provides strong technical support in the reconstruction of 3D models and real-time city visualization. On the other hand, it provides real-time data visualization, transfers the abstract data into vivid animations, which significantly improves human-computer interaction and brings a better experience to smart city users. Additionally, the R&D team of GritWorld is fully able to conduct independent graphics research and apply their findings in the smart city area.

The Smart City User Case: Community Management

One of the origins of this interview is a new book 《Smart City – Made in Germany》, which is edited by Prof. Dr. Chirine Etezadzadeh and published by Springer Vieweg. Prof. Dr. Chirine Etezadzadeh invited a series of authors of the book to her virtual Tea House for an interview to talk about their smart city technologies in community management, transportation control, health infrastructure construction and art creation. Dr. Wu and Ganesh Pingale, as the authors of the capital GritWorld 3D Real-Time Digital Smart City Platform, are in the 12th episode of “Have a Tea with Dr. E.” With the help of various short videos, they introduced classic smart city projects from GritWorld. Going in-depth, they demonstrated the real-time monitoring of traffic in Hangzhou; the efficient operation of the big data screen with a companion-App for mobile phone or tablet to check how the water, electrical and fire alarm systems are running in Machong, China.

At last, Dr. Wu and Dr. Etezadzadeh also talked about the cultural differences between China and Germany. Dr. Wu mentioned that Chinese culture emphasizes on harmony. Our Chinese colleagues are always trying to build up a harmonious atmosphere. Nevertheless, in Germany, colleagues are more direct and straightforward. Additionally, in Germany, work and home life are separated; while in China, people are used to mixing them together.

It was a very informative and informal interview. Just sit back with a cup of tea and enjoy